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Tim Solley

Rebel Popcorn
Rebel Leader
Fort Collins, Colorado
Tim has been working with startups for nearly 20 years. He got his start during the dot com boom of the 90s, founding one of the web's early e-commerce retail companies. Since then, he's been a technology leader with several startup companies large and small.

His latest effort is a founder and owner of Rebel Popcorn, Fort Collins' newest and hottest gourmet snack company. Though he wears many hats as an owner, his primary focus is on Rebel Popcorn's marketing and technology efforts. He's bringing high-tech to a decidedly low-tech industry.

In addition to Rebel Popcorn, Tim is the Practice Head of Cloud and Devops Services at Xpanxion, a software engineering company with over 850 employees and seven offices worldwide, including one in Fort Collins. In this role, he leads all company efforts in the cloud engineering space, from pre-sales to delivery. Clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies such as Anthem, Sony, and The Weather Channel.