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Terry Precht

Vergent Product Improvement
President & CEO
Terry Precht has over thirty-five years’ experience in product design at system and component levels. He started Technology Driven Products, Inc. (now Vergent Products) in 1996. The company’s specialty is mechatronic product development and cost reductions of existing products. Vergent Products provides design, sourcing, fabrication, full manufacturing, order fulfillment and repair center services to its clients. The company has grown steadily and now employs over 100. He has been awarded several patents with assignment to clients of Vergent Products. Vergent Products has brought over 250 products to market for its clients, offer speed of launch while maintaining a high level of quality. Vergent Products has brought consumer products, medical products and scientific instruments to market that meet full reliability, compliance and price requirements in as short as 4 months. He is a registered professional engineer in mechanical engineering and has been a member of ASME for 25 years, serving in various officer roles at the regional level. Terry is a member of the Colorado State University Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board, is an adjunct faculty member, teaching senior design and has served on the U of Idaho College of Engineering Advisory board since 2009.