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Fort Collins, Colorado
This MC’s delivery and flow have been described many ways. The emcee out of Northern Colorado has a strong message, a relentless ambition, and an insatiable need to reach the masses. Hailing from Loveland, CO, this emcee brings a raw fresh mix of old school/new school hip hop/boombap to the shows that have become a mainstay in the Colorado hip hop scene. With the 2011 release “My State of Dementia,” Qbala anchored a spot in the ranks of seasoned performers, offering up lyrics on everything from sexuality to hustling for a name in the industry. Followed by the underground project, “Unfinished Business,” which released digitally in 2014. Moving through more intricate beats, punching statements, and the “in your face” messages that Qbala Music has become associated with. With the 2014 EP release right behind her followed by another 2014 release “Dark Side of the Rain”, Qbala jumped right into 2015 releasing “Battle Cries,” EP which was highly anticipated with a major positive response. As 2016 begins, Qbala moves into a new realm of more poignant, personal, and memorable lyrics.The world waits to see the next quick move from this prolific MC.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, March 3

12:00pm MST