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Jeff Heng

Zebulon Solutions
Jeff is a professional that loves to solve puzzles. Moving to Colorado after completing his undergrad in the spring of 1998 with only a couch as a destination, he got caught in a 4’ snowstorm traversing the nation. Luckily having family in Iowa, the first 3 days of the journey were spent warm and fed. Throughout his career, Jeff’s been forced to learn, adjust and adapt. He’s taken some lumps, but learned along the way while working across many diverse industries: thin film vacuum systems, waterpark structures, medical/ optical systems, teaching, IT and telecom, launching a failed fly fishing guide service and getting hustled by a MLM scam. After grad school and being sick of getting stuck to a single product line, the new-found motivation and focus led him to the consulting world and Zebulon Solutions. Working with the Zebulon Solutions team, Jeff loves to help overcome technical and operational challenges to drive success for our clients. We never know what is going to come through the door but love learning about all the new ideas and technology out there. This environment of constantly learning and adapting is a limitless source of new puzzles. Feel free to reach out with your unique challenge!