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Elizabeth Mozer

Loco Food Distribution
Founder, CEO
Fort Collins, Colorado
In a university town that also supports several tech and software businesses, finding a person born in Fort Collins is like finding a centaur or befriending a unicorn. Like a centaur or unicorn, Elizabeth and her high school sweetheart husband are two such rare mythical creatures. Seeing that one of the stumbling blocks for businesses and institutions wishing to source food locally was ACCESS to those foods and producers, she married her deep commitment to environmental sustainability with her desire to support her community by starting LoCo Food Distribution in 2011. Elizabeth sought to bring local food to the mainstream marketplace by connecting local food producers with wholesale purchasers through on online wholesale food distribution catalog and delivery system.When she’s not running, operating, and nurturing LoCo Foods, Elizabeth enjoys growing food for her family and raising their two sons to be active members of their community. She also supports her husband in running and operating Fort Collins’ independent art-house movie theater, The Lyric which they started in 2007.