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Dr. Violeta Garcia

STEM Learning by Design
Education Consultant

If it's related to STEM, Dr. Violeta García knows all about it. Dr. García stays on top of cutting-edge research, methodologies, and anything amusing and educational in the teaching and learning space. She is a leader in STEM in Colorado, and across the nation. Her passion is to advance students historically underrepresented and underserved in STEM fields through meaningful and engaging learning experiences. She has created numerous programs that serve students directly or that build capacity for educators to create fun, engaging, educational learning opportunities. She is a systems thinker, she loves disrupting outdated ways of thinking, and believes that all students should have access to high quality, culturally relevant and culturally responsive learning experiences. Violeta is a world traveler, a lifelong learner, and a lover of all things related to sustainability. She has bridged her passion for science and education in her educational endeavors and is a graduate of California State University- Fullerton, UCLA, and the University of Northern Colorado.