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Derek Larson

NoCoUX (Northern Colorado User Exeperience)
UX Evangelist
Fort Collins, CO
Since the beginning of my career, I have been obsessed with trying to make user’s experiences better. It started out as superior customer service, grew into Usability in business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce and blossomed as a certified User Experience (UX) manager of UX and web development teams.

I grew up on a family-run resort in New Hampshire. When asked what that was like, I usually tell people it was like the movie 'Dirty Dancing,' but with fewer beautiful people and less choreographed dancing.

The early part of my life was spent immersed in the demands of customer satisfaction and for me, great customer service was my bread and butter (literally).

Over the past few years, I worked for Fortune e-50 and Fortune 500 companies and finally the Federal Reserve learning how to build great teams and working together to build first-class websites/Content Management Systems (CMS).

User Experience is my passion because it blends my two areas of greatest interest (which also happen to be my greatest strengths): high technology and all aspects of a customer's interaction with an organization.

I promise you won't leave one of my presentations without knowing two important maxims by heart; 1) "Know thy customers!" and 2) "You are NOT your customers!"

I hope to see you at Fort Collins Startup Week!