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Dawn Duncan

Fort Collins, Colorado
Dawn Duncan, this year’s emcee, is a 23 year veteran of entrepreneurship. During her career, she has worked in the fields of executive recruiting, corporate training and coaching, marketing, and public relations, with involvement in multiple industries. Currently, she is the owner of a copywriting and editing agency called Yellowbright and is also a book author and public speaker. Dawn’s own journey navigating mental health has included firsthand experience with learning to cope with the stress of running businesses and handling high-pressure leadership positions. She has worked through changing coping mechanisms from previous substance abuse and breakdowns to living a fulfilling life that includes stress and time management as key areas of focus. Self-care, fitness, hobbies, and personal relationships have taken center stage and Dawn is open and passionate about supporting others who may be dealing with issues that she herself has faced. Dawn is a graduate of the University of North Dakota where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology. She has been married to Michael Duncan for the past 19 years and has called Fort Collins ‘home’ since 1994. Dawn is actively involved in several community activities, volunteerism, and fitness pursuits, along with completing her first two books this year.