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Jon Nicholas

Estes Park Economic Dev. Corporation
Estes Park, CO
Bringing the startup culture to Estes Park; how our community can contribute to the statewide startup culture. How Estes Park can foster access to capital and expertise through the Estes Park Angel Investor Group and Estes Park Startup Meetup. Launching our partnership with Innosphere
Our Mission Statement:

The Corporation shall plan for and promote the economic development of the Estes Valley in ways that are compatible with those qualities that make Estes Park a unique mountain community.

The Corporation exists to build a stronger and more broadly-based economy and tax base; to advise and assist existing local businesses to reach their full economic potential; and to attract new businesses that create primary jobs and new employment opportunities.

The Corporation shall use and promote the tools of economic development to create a more dynamic, multi-generational community to the benefit of all citizens.
Tuesday, February 28

9:30am MST

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Friday, March 3

9:00am MST

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