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Rae Soria

SEO; Ghostwriter
Wichita Falls, Texas
Ask me about Estus! And no, we are not the flask of life from Dark Souls, as much as we love the game.

We are called Estus because this collective was "established by us."

Who We Are: We are a marketing and CREATIVE TECH *COLLECTIVE* based out of downtown Greeley, CO.

Dakotah Intriglia - CTO, Developer
Javier Perez - Developer
Matthew Hawkins - UX/UI Designer
Ryan Faulkner - Social Media & Content Creation Director
Darah (Rae) Soria - Black Ops Marketer - SEO, Marketing Strategist

Who we are NOT: We are NOT a marketing agency, nor do we ever want to be. We are firm believers in treating our team, other freelancers and our clients with fairness and transparency.

With us there is no hierarchy of employees. We are all equals and we all have something to bring to the table. We distribute our wealth equally among our little four person team. We help each other, and we succeed by going against the grain.

Our portfolio includes Bike Peddler, Sassy Bagz, Accessories With a Flair, RDRX and many other rapidly growing and sustainable businesses in Greeley.

Furthermore, we are educators to other freelancers and invite them to learn with and from us. We challenge them to go against the grain, be bold and give them access to all of our tools for development, creative suites and more.

We do this at no charge, because we are firm believers that knowledge knowledge is not only power, but it should be openly sourced and free. We provide interns and others with gigs so that they can start putting together portfolios for when they graduate from their university, or obtain certifications.

We are helpers.